The mission of GLORYSCENT is to provide environmentally friendly self-care products to our communities. We aim to bring joy and excitement to the experience of taking care of ourselves.


More about the products

GLORYSCENT handmade soaps are made with plant botanical, coconut, olive, sustainable palm, and avocado oil and other quality ingredients. The majority of soaps are scented with essential oils for the extra therapeutic and relaxing characteristic. Others are lightly scented with fragrance oils due to some scents we love not being possible with essential oils. This is done without compromising our value of having skin-safe and sensitive products.

GloryScent soaps are:

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan




                                                                          Rafaela Gonzalez (Founder)

Getting to the Root        

As a woman of color, I was taught early on that straighter was better. I spent my entire teenage years trying to replicate an image of one with soft straight hair when this was not who I truly was. I soon became tired of keeping up with this image. Through much persistence and prayer, I decided to go for the “big chop”. From long straight hair extensions to a “TWA” (Teeny Weeny Afro), I learned to embrace my true self and began to make my own homemade recipes to take care of my hair.

Let’s get to Business

After receiving a word from the Lord, months later it came crashing into my mind and I was shocked but very excited because it made so much sense. I was already making things for myself! Why not do it for others?  Not only is it a chemistry but also an Art. With a donation I received from a very special lady, Sister Cecile Courtier, I bought raw materials and tools to begin crafting. I began to research the process of making hair products but I crashed into the making of handmade soap. It is clear to say that I fell in love with making artisan soap. But the vision for GLORYSCENT is to expand into a skin and hair product company and I hope you join me in the journey!                          



Soon after beginning this journey. I learned about a non profit, Entrepreneurship for all (Eforall.org). I was ecstatic that I could have mentors and people to guide me in the right direction to launching a successful business. I went into the Eforall office and learned I’d have to have an application sent in by Thursday If I wanted to be a part of the summer accelerator and it was Tuesday! It was the perfect timing because I wasn’t in school. I sent in the application and began the selection process and interview in order to be part of this amazing program. I feel highly fortunate and blessed because I’m currently part of the Eforall family along with 13 others in class!