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Why You Need to Try this Body Oil Serum

grapeseed oil for body

An oil serum, but for your body

If you consider yourself a skincare fan you probably already know what serums are and probably have a whole collection of them. These types of products are known to carry an abundance of high performance or active ingredients for efficacy and results. Body serums are these same products but formulated for your body! Isn’t it odd how we focus the majority of our time and coins just on our face alone? It’s about time we take self care a little bit further and treat our bodies with dignity.

What makes it special

This product is not your typical body oil, it goes beyond the average body oil when it comes to efficacy, scent and purpose. The base of the formulation is grounded in grapeseed, kukui nut oil and macerated olive oil. Macerated oil means that it has been infused with dried botanicals or herbs in order to extract the therapeutic properties of the plants.  In this case, 100% pure cold pressed olive oil was infused in organic rooibos tea and dried rose petals to extract their amazing like antiaging and anti-inflammatory properties. Read its full ingredient list here.

This serum is also packed with vitamin E, a superb antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals that may have been brought by  environmental damage like air pollution and over sun exposure. Antioxidants and environmental protection is our bread and butter so this is something that is always intentional in all of our products. Vitamin E is said to help with skin elasticity, fading scars and healing the skin which are amazing qualities to have and to treat the body with.

Aside from our Total Body serum being infused with luxurious botanicals, and being packed with antioxidants, one of its more distinguishing quality is that its scented with chocolate and rose absolute. This transforms what might have been seen as a regular body oil into a fragrance or perfume oil. The scent is wonderfully warm, full and seductive. It lasts for hours on your already glowing and moisturized skin.

How to use it

And when you thought it couldn’t get any better…it does! Our Total Body Serum is not a one trick product but it was created with a multipurpose destiny. Not only is it an amazing moisturizer after a nice shower leaving you skin glowy and seductively scented but it can be used as a bath oil as well. Another way you can incorporate this serum into your self care routine is by using it to give your hair ends some extra shine and needed protection. 

Skin Types

Our Total Body Serum can be used by all skin types.