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Skincare: Must Haves for Beginners

There are so many products to choose from! But what do I actually NEED?

We understand what that feels like, so lets us help you figure out the basics!


The first thing you will need is a cleanser of course! Many people sleep on the cleanser but in reality how well you cleanse your skin determines how well the other product will work. This becomes even more vital if you often wear makeup.  Your pores can easily be clogged and filled with potential for breakouts. You want to go deep into those pores and clear them out so don’t just get any cleanser. A cleanser that cleans well and does not leave your skin crying from dryness is super important. Many cleansers out there are very harsh on the skin so you need to be selective and make the best choice for your sensitive facial skin. The Gloryscent Enzyme gel cleanser is super gentle and has exfoliating properties to reveal brighter and smoother skin. Give it a try!


Many people are still unmoved by the concept of a toner but let me tell you so important! Toners have the ability to remove the last remnants of residue your cleanser might have left behind. Toners are usually good astringent also minimize the look of enlarged pores! Now, dont you think that is worth the hype. So get yourself a good toner. We don’t have a toner just yet but keep your eye open because it is in the works and it will not be your regular toner sis. We can hardly wait!


Now a serum is a bit more complex to explain because there are so many kinds that play different functions. But I’d say a good and basic serum is one that hydrates and gives you skin a bit of a boost. The ingredient that you’re looking for in a serum is Hyaluronic acid. The Gloryscent Acerola Power serum is a bit more advanced then this but I suppose there is nothing wrong with getting something that works even better than you need it to.


This is also a more complex category but what you need, without question, is a SUNSCREEN. This is not up for discussion it is simply the key to clearer firmer and all around healthier skin in the long run. Sun damage is the cause of darkspots and premature aging so the best way to avoid this is by wearing sunscreen daily–rain or shine.


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3 Things to Consider Before Starting a Skincare Regimen

There many amazing companies with fantastic products that it’s understandable to feel torn in the moment of choosing. The reality is that there are products for any one and for almost any problem your skin is facing.

Not every product from a company might suit all your preferences and that is okay and normal– considering every skin is different. But if all their products work great then you are undoubtedly blessed!

Skincare is many things to some people little to others but if we really think about at this point, skin care is not only a necessity but in fact it’s a luxury and an experience. But if you are simply wondering where to begin—we got you.

These are a few things you need to think about before getting your hands on some goodies.

  1. What type of skin do you have?

Your skin type is probably the most important thing you need to know before purchasing any new products. Do you have acne prone, combination skin, dry skin, oily or sensitive skin? You can tell what skin type you have pretty easily, for example; if you struggle with breakouts, you have acne prone skin. People with an oily T-Zone are considered to have combination skin. If you’re oily all around…well you have oil skin and the same concept for dry skin. And if your skin gets easily irritated and red then you have sensitive skin.

Knowing your skin type is a great step to choosing the right products for you. The cleanser you use will depend heavily on your skin type.

  1. What are your current concerns?

For many people their skin concerns may range from dull skin, breakouts, irritation and age lines. What is certain in these situations is that the skin needs to be re balanced and unclogged of all dirt and toxins. A good cleanser and regular chemical exfoliation can start the process to brighter healthier skin. For aging concerns its great to use products that will hydrate plump and firm the skin. Consider your needs and search with this knowledge.

  1. Do you have ethical preferences?

A while back, this question might not have made any sense but in 2019 this has become very important. If you don’t want your products to be tested on animals or to have any animal related ingredients you should make sure that you do your research. Most companies will let you know loud and clear about this area of practice. Do you care if your products aren’t natural or organic? Most companies will let you know where thy stand in this category as well.

These are 3 simple thing to ask yourself when purchasing skincare for beginners. It gets far more complex than this but it’s a good place to start when trying to get to know you needs and preferences.